“Gardeners are the first sign of commitment to a community”  Ann Raver

Generous Gardeners volunteers in the White bed on Stacy Boulevard

Cape Ann’s beautiful natural environment and colorful seaside gardens perpetually inspire artists, designers, landscapers and now a growing community of civic minded gardening enthusiasts.  As part of the 7 million dollar seawall reconstruction project, the iconic Stacy Boulevard is now a stroll through thousands of flowers planted by Gloucester’s volunteer group of “Generous Gardeners.”  The rough charm of Gloucester’s working waterfront is newly enhanced with gardens throughout the HarborWalk and everywhere the rotaries and other public spaces are filled with colorful flowers.  Contact Susan Kelly susan@generousgardeners.org to volunteer or learn more.

In November 2018, Generous Gardeners planted over 27,000 tulips in the Stacy Boulevard Gardens.  We expect an amazing show of beauty and color in April and May.    See below for the drone video of the tulip in May of 2017.

Drone Video by Craig Kimberley of the Boulevard Tulips