2021 Gloucester Garden Tour

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Tickets for the 2021 Gloucester Garden Tour are available for advanced purchase only. You must select both a time (and arrive any time within the selected hour) as well as a location (either 8 Norwood Court or John Alto Park) where you will check in and pick up your official booklet to begin the tour. After you’ve picked up your booklet, you can take all the time you need up to 4:00 PM to see the thirteen gardens. If you plan to purchase multiple tickets or intend to experience the tour with a group, it is advised that you purchase them all at once as supplies are limited based on time and location. Please, one ticket per person; no booklet sharing.

Parking is available at Norwood Court and along Pleasant Street for the John Alto Park location.  The John Alto Park is at the corner of Page Street and Mount Pleasant Avenue.  While these protocols are in place to keep numbers down and enable social distancing, we feel confident that this will ensure the smoothest garden tour to date.

Virtual tour tickets are $10 each and will be available through our website beginning July 10th for anyone who can’t make it in person and doesn’t want to miss our event!

For more information, contact Susan Kelly at susan@generousgardeners.org or 781-346-1363.