Generous Gardeners is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded by Susan Kelly and Terese O’Connell. The original idea was to be a plant donation/swapping website, but it has evolved into a group of volunteer gardeners with the mission of philanthropy through gardening. We currently care for 22 public spaces in Gloucester, MA. Most of our plants are donated by our volunteers, but we also purchase plants with funds from the annual Gloucester Garden tour. Visit for tickets and information.

All volunteers are welcome. Email to be added to our notification email list for where we are working next.

Donations are welcome and can be sent to:

Generous Gardeners
101 Western Ave, Suite 1
Gloucester, MA 01930

Police Station:

We started with the embankment behind the police station on Roger’s Street which had been a hazardous eyesore for over a decade. Now it is rivers of flowers including many blue flowers as requested by the police.

Police Station 1 Police Station 2

Traffic Islands:

Many traffic Islands in Gloucester had become neglected barren places. We have planted thousands of bulbs and drought tolerant plants although we also regularly lug water to keep things alive in those hard locations.

Traffic Islands 1 Traffic Islands 2

Sargent House Museum

One of the early gardens planted by Generous Gardens was the Sargent House Museum which is now a lovely spot enjoyed by many on our busy Main Street.

Sargent House 1

Stacy Boulevard Gardens

Our major new responsibility are the new beds surrounding the fishermen’s wives memorial. As part of the seawall reconstruction project, Generous Gardeners was approached by the DPW and asked to assist in planning, planting and maintenance of this beautiful new addition to Gloucester. The beds were installed in the fall of 2016 and we immediately planted 22,400 tulips. In Spring of 2017 we will be planting over 13,000 additional flowers for a permanent beautiful addition to the Gloucester Harbor Stacy Boulevard.

Stacy Boulevard Gardens 1 Stacy Boulevard Gardens 2 Stacy Boulevard Gardens 3