Board of Directors

Susan Kelly, President

Susan Kelly is the President and co-founder of Generous Gardeners and brings her ambitious vision and exceptional energy to the Board.

Nancy Mertens, Clerk

Nancy Mertens is one of the earliest volunteers with Generous Gardeners and replaced original co-founder Terese O’Connell on the board when she resigned in 2017. She brings vast experience to the board including 7 years on the team organizing the annual Gloucester Garden Tour.

Chuck Kelly, Treasurer

Chuck Kelly brings a banking and accounting background to the Generous Gardeners board, helping ensure perpetual fiscal health for the organization. As a drone enthusiast, his videos and images of the public gardens document the progress of Generous Gardener’s mission.

Antonietta Calabrese

Antonietta Calabrese is a most generous gardener, caring for Gloucester’s public spaces almost every day of the week.  Designated as Lieutenant to Susan, she brings enthusiasm, dedication and vision for the gardens to the board.

Judy Caulkett

Judy Caulkett is an avid gardener and one of the original plant donors to Generous Gardeners.  Judy brings her gardening skill as well as editing and writing skills to the board for grant writing and garden tour literature development. 

Helen McCabe

Helen McCabe comes to Generous Gardeners from the board of the Gloucester Civic and Garden Council (GCGC) as a result of the merger of the organizations in November of 2018. Helen brings a background in landscape architecture and the continued vision of the GCGC organization with the revitalization of the Betty Smith Park in 2019. The graphic is the Walter Hancock Triton statue in that garden.

Hazel Watkinson

Hazel Watkinson is one of several British Generous Gardener volunteers, and as a committed volunteer and gifted gardener, she brings a unique perspective and understanding of the social and cultural implications of our mission to Gloucester.