Police Station

In 2013 we began with the embankment behind the police station on Rogers Street which had been a hazardous eyesore for over a decade. We created rivers of plantings, including many blue flowers as requested by the police.

Traffic Islands

Many traffic Islands in Gloucester had become neglected barren places. We have planted thousands of bulbs and drought tolerant plants. We also regularly lug water to keep things alive in those hard locations. These islands are covered by the Mass DOT program, but unlike State islands in other cities, we do not have advertising signage.

Stacy Boulevard Gardens

Our major responsibility is the beds surrounding the Fishermen’s Wives Memorial. As part of the seawall reconstruction project, Generous Gardeners was approached by the Department of Public Works and asked to assist in planning, planting and maintenance of this beautiful new addition to Gloucester. The beds were installed in the fall of 2016 and we immediately planted 22,400 tulips. In the spring of 2017 we planted over 13,000 additional flowers for a permanent beautiful addition to the Gloucester Harbor Stacy Boulevard. In 2018, we planted thousands of tulips again to replace those lost by storm damage. We will continue to replant or replace bulbs, annuals and perennials each year.