We currently have over 60 volunteers associated with our organization and welcome new volunteers who are interested in our mission. Susan Kelly maintains an email list of volunteers to keep them updated all year.

Caring for our gardens takes the majority of our volunteer time. We plant, weed, rake, water and deadhead. Some garden volunteers like to be assigned to work as part of a team at a designated space for an ongoing commitment, and others work on a more intermittent basis when a specific task needs a group effort such as tulip planting, spring clean-up, etc.

Volunteering at one of our fundraising events is another way to participate.  We also have a volunteer board of directors that keeps the organization focused on its mission and works with sponsors, grants, garden designers, website review, and finances.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please email Susan Kelly at susan@generousgardeners.org and let her know of your interests!