Gloucester Gardens Cared for by Generous Gardeners

Generous Gardeners has planted and cares for the following gardens in Gloucester, MA.  They are listed in the order of when we started caring for them.Fishermen’s Wives Memorial Plantings (2013)

Sargent House Museum(2013)

Police Station Garden Embankment on Rogers Street (2013)

Median Strip on Washington Street (2014)

Gardens near Pavilion Beach on Boulevard (2014)

Ten Pound Island Memorial

Traffic Island by St.Peter’s Square (2014)

American Legion (2015)

O’Maley School front entrance (2015)

Gardens at Middle and Pleasant Street (2015)

Traffic Islands on Railroad Ave (2015)

Traffic Islands by Bass Ave (2015)

Traffic Islands by Eastern Ave (2015)

Traffic Island by Centennial Ave. (2015)

Ancillary Traffic Islands by Grant Circle (2015)

Magnolia Library(2016)

Gus Foote Park (2016)

Stacy Boulevard gardens (2016)

Main Street Planters(2016)

Planters on Stacy Boulevard by cut bridge

Planters on Stacy Boulevard by “Man at the Wheel” memorial (2017)

O’Maley Middle School second entrance (2017)

HarborWalk Butterfly Gardens 2017

Good Harbor Beach Foot Wash Station (2017)

Gardens at publicparking lot on Rogers Street (2018)

War Memorial at corner of Prospect and Pleasant (2018)

Planted the Senior Housing gardens on Prospect Street

Picture Garden behind Tennis Courts on Stacy Boulevard (2018)

Coming soon – Betty Smith Park on Stacy Boulevard (2019)