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Gloucester Gardens

Generous Gardeners is honored to have been nominated by a listener for GBH’s weekly “Joy Beat,” which aired July 5th and features news stories about real people doing the hard work to make their communities and world a better place. The nomination was based on the joy found in appreciating the beauty of the outdoors, and how the connection with nature can rejuvenate the spirit and come with solid health benefits.

The listener called in to share her appreciation for those who keep her city, Gloucester, beautiful and in bloom, saying: “Just an incredible brigade who work to plant dahlias and tulips — beautiful gardens all over the city of Gloucester. Traffic islands, the Boulevard… just the most innocuous little corner where it’s just filled with flowers. It’s just a remarkable, remarkable group.”

Generous Gardener’s founder, Susan Kelly, and dahlia expert, Antonietta Calabrese, sat down with Arun Rath of GBH’s “All Things Considered” program to discuss the joy of gardening and the impact that their organization has had on the city of Gloucester. Beginning 12 years ago with the idea of online plant-swapping, the now 80-volunteer, non-profit organization has transformed the city’s waterfront and 48 other garden spaces with colorful blossoms from May until late fall. Boulevard plantings alone now include dozens of roses, hundreds of lilies, tulips, annuals, perennials and more – and over 2,000 dahlias! Susan and Antonietta discuss the work involved in planting and maintaining the beds, as well as protecting them from winter storms.

To help fund beautification, Generous Gardeners just completed their 12th garden tour of 15 beautiful, private gardens on Wheeler’s Point in Gloucester.  The tour is an annual event in a different Gloucester neighborhood each year and one of the organization’s biggest fundraisers.

We are grateful to the garden tour’s homeowners, our donors, admirers, and all who help to support our organization – and proud of the happiness we bring to our community.

– Susan Kelly
– Antonietta Calabrese

WGBH Joy Beat, July 5, 2024, read or listen here:
Generous Gardeners:

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